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CP Asymmetries (& T Violation) in Known Matter – and Beyond

I.I. Bigi

Finding CP violation (CPV) in 1964 produced a real revolution in the fundamental dynamics, although the community did not understand it right away. The paper by Kobayashi & Maskawa [1] appeared in 1973 to describe CPV in classes of three (or more) families of quarks, non-minimal Higgs' dynamics and/or charged right-handed currents.

The Standard Model is now with three families of quarks. It can describe the measured CP & T violation in kaon and B mesons at least as the leading source. None has been found in baryons, charm mesons, top quarks and EDMs.

We have failed the explain our matter vs. anti-matter huge asymmetry. Even when there is no obvious connections with that asymmetry, it makes sense to probe CPV for the signs of New Dynamics & their features. Furthermore we have to measure regional CPV in many-body final states with accuracy. I discuss EDMs, axion's impact on cosmology & its connection with Dark Matter; finally I talk about CPV in leptonic dynamics.

July 26, 2016

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